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Kelvin (EN)

The color temperature of energy-saving lamps or LED lamps is given in Kelvin (K).

The smaller the Kelvin value, the redder the color component.
The higher the Kelvin value, the bluer the color component.

Ansicht Grafik Farbtemperatur in Kelvin

Translation table:

Streichholz = match
Kerze = candle
Sonnenaufgang = sunrise
Tusteno Birne = Light Bulb
Quarz Lampe = Quartz Lamp
Elektronischer Biltz = Electronic Flash
Direktes Mittagslicht = direct noon light
Tageslicht durch Wolken = cloudy daylight
RGB Monitor = RGB Monitor
Wolkiger Tag = cloudy day
Schatten im Freien = shadow outdoor
Himmel bisschen bewölkt = sky a bit cloudy
blauer Himmel = blue sky


All about values:
1000K ( Kelvin) equals - a match
1300K ( Kelvin) equals - one candle
1800K ( Kelvin) equals - the sunrise
2700K ( Kelvin) corresponds to - warm white and is suitable for living spaces, e.g. light bulb
2900K ( Kelvin) corresponds to - warm white and is suitable for living spaces
4000K ( Kelvin) corresponds to - neutral white and is suitable for workplaces, e.g. Office, industrial halls
5500K ( Kelvin) corresponds to daylight and is suitable for workplaces, e.g. Precision mechanics, assembly workstations

Warm light is perceived as rather lulling and reassuring.
Therefore it is suitable for living and rest rooms.

Cold light is perceived as invigorating and encouraging.
Cold light increases the contrast and is therefore better suited for jobs.