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What is an ECG?
(In German EVG)

ECG is an "electronic ballast".

Due to the built-in electronic components, electronic ballasts have a shorter service life than magnetic ballasts ( KVG / VVG), with 50,000 hours (approx. 6 years non-stop nominal service life), which has to be considered in the amortization.

Often, lights converted to electronic ballasts are dimmed.
If this is the case with you, please check whether your selected LED tubes are dimmable.

For the operation of bulbs such. Fluorescent lamps (colloquially also often called neon tubes), a ballast is required for startup and operation.

The ballasts have evolved over time, and so the power consumption has become more economical, see our consumption diagram.

1st generation: KVG = conventional ballast
2nd generation: VVG = low-loss ballast
3rd generation: electronic ballast = electronic ballast

Meanwhile, the 4th generation is considered the LED technology that no longer needs ballasts. But also here the LEDs have to be controlled and this is done with the so-called "Driver".

For the use of retrofit LED tubes / LED fluorescent lamps, retrofitted lighting systems on electronic ballasts are not optimally suited, since the lamp has to be wired here.

This results in higher costs for retrofitting ECG luminaires, in contrast to KVG / VVG luminaires.
Whether retrofitting ECG luminaires on retrofit LED tubes makes sense depends on the costs that the electrician charges for them.
If you have an electrician who charges a human hourly rate, conversion to LED tubes is also economical for EVG Leuchten. We are happy to advise you here.

When retrofitting lamps with KVG / VVG, only the starter is replaced by an LED starter bridge and the conversion is finished. Since this only takes a few seconds, there are hardly any costs for retrofitting.

The cost of retrofitting to retrofit LED tubes depends essentially on the following factors:

- Use KVG / VVG or ECG in the lighting
- Room height, possibly lift platforms or scaffolding required
- Accessibility to the lighting
- Hourly rate electrician